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         She has been doing hair for over 12 years now and strongly believes in promoting healthy hair and hair restoration. Her knowledge and experience help properly educate her clients and show them how to maintain their hair by sharing with them the expert advice and information she has received from dermatologists, healthy hair courses, and hair mentors from all over the nation. Lati's focus is on the maintenance and health of her client’s hair & scalp while promoting hair growth and length retention in the process.  Any hairstylist can cut & style, or even weave a client’s hair, but the client has to ask themself “Is my hairstylist taking the care of my hair to the next level?" If you (the client) can answer "Yes", then you've found the perfect stylist. Lati believes in doing both, taking care of the hair and giving the client the style that they want. Healthy hair care starts with using the best and most professional products determined through research and certified education. She continues to further educate herself not only in hair care but also in keeping up with the latest hair trends and styles. Lati is a very firm believer in continually educating herself on the ever-evolving science and styling of hair. This is where she grows in better servicing her clients. 

Lati has received special courses and training to

qualify her in all the areas below as CERTIFIED Makeup Artist, Hair Extension Specialist, Double Certified Micorshading Artist, Tooth whitening & Tooth Gem specialist / Educator.

Latijerica Johnson

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